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Developing New Leaders in the Church

January 18, 20221 min read

“Charisma is not vision. It is a vehicle to deliver the vision. The under-shepherd is not a substitute for the Good Shepherd.”
Will Mancini


Growing churches are led by growing leaders.

As you hope to see the vision move forward, you must develop leaders who can move at the pace of that vision. Why? Because the vision can't move itself. It has to be driven and carried by PEOPLE.

Think of it this way. How many times have you gone to a conference and come home with so many takeaways and ideas? You're excited and looking forward to implementing changes. BUT, you soon discover that no one else is as excited as you are. Because they didn't share your experience, they don't share your enthusiasm. 

The best formula is for the entire team to share excitement and clarity around the vision. That's why you must develop a strategy to raise new leaders in the church. 

In this episode, Henry walks us through some insanely practical steps we can take to put a strategy in place. 

Click here to access the slideshow presentation.

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